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In the Name of Terrorism, Your Internet History, Please

In the never ending quest to fight terrorism--and child pornography--our government is now keenly interested in accessing the internet history of anyone and everyone.  (Hat tip:  TalkLeft.)  According to this article from, Alberto Gonzales and the FBI have:

(A)sked Internet companies to retain records such as lists of e-mails sent and received or information on Web searches...

Gonzales is pressing Internet companies for more cooperation as the Justice Department focuses on terrorism and child pornography cases. The move has prompted complaints from privacy advocates and led to a clash earlier this year with Google, the word's largest search engine.

So, let's see, in order to "defeat" terrorism (and of course, child pornography) the government is interested in every ordinary citizen's:

Big Brother is watching.  Every.Move.You.Make.   

My advice--tread softly, and don't make any sudden moves.


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It's not so much a Gonzales thing as it is a government thing. It's kind of inevitable, really, that governments will try to harness technogogy this way. Name me one new technology in the last 4oo years that governments have not used to try to consolidate power.

Nicole Black

You've got a point, but what strikes me as telling is how quickly the current administration has attempted to "harness" the technology in the name of terror, and now, child pornography.

And, don't we have Constitutional protections in place to forestall this very phenomena --governmental intrusions into our privacy? That it's inevitable isn't really the point in my mind. There are checks and balances in place, and right now, they're being side stepped at an alarming rate.

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