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Define That Term #88

Yesterday's term was res gestae, which is defined as:

(rayz jest-tie) n. from Latin for "things done," it means all circumstances surrounding and connected with a happening. Thus, the res gestae of a crime includes the immediate area and all occurrences and statements immediately after the crime. Statements made within the res gestae of a crime or accident may be admitted in court even though they are "hearsay" on the basis that spontaneous statements in those circumstances are reliable.

No guesses this time around.

Today's term is: 

the excited utterance exception to the hearsay rule.

No dictionaries or other sources allowed, please.


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Statements made while under the influence of a powerful (exciting) event and before an opportunity for reflection (and, so, allegedly, before the oppurtunity to compose a lie) so, given a traditional hearsay exception. Terrible sentence. Correct definition!

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