NY Court of Appeals Precludes Identification
Former Federal Prosecutor and Whistle Blower Indicted

Define That Term #75

Yesterday's term was primogeniture, which is defined as:

n. from Latin for "first born," the ancient rule from feudal England (except in the County of Kent) that the oldest son would inherit the entire estate of his parents (or nearest ancestor), and, if there was no male heir, the daughters would take (receive the property) in equal shares. The intent was to preserve larger properties from being broken up into small holdings, which might weaken the power of nobles. It does not exist in the United States.

Slickdpdx gave it a shot, but no dice.

Today's term is:

McNabb-Mallory rule.

Good luck and no dictionaries, please.


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Are you addressing the fish killing decision in the 1st Dept.? It seems like the reasoning is a little slippery.

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