People v. Calvin Moore--Founded Suspicion is Not Enough
NY Court of Appeals Rules That Illegal Immigrant Can Collect Lost Wages

Define That Term #45

Yesterday's term was nugatory, which is defined as:

adj. of no force or effect; invalid. Example: a statute which is unconstitutional is a nugatory law.

There were a few rather entertaining guesses, but none were correct.

Today's term is:

libel (as opposed to slander, defamation, etc.).

Good luck, and no dictionaries.


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Libel: SlickPDX has herpes.


That's a great idea: gossip mags should precede everything with the statement "libel" so they can argue they were stating the lurid claim was false...thus escaping liability for a printed falsehood.

Nicole Black

You definitely should *not* provide such excellent legal advice on the WWW for free, for all to see. Big mistake, Slick. Big mistake.


Oh, I'm a goldmine for half-baked legal strategies. There's plenty more where that came from!

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