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Now that my blog has been around for a few months and has a good sized readership, I'd like to try to determine why you, my faithful readers, read my blog, so I can try to post more of whatever it is that you like about Sui Generis.  To that end, I was hoping that you would all take a few seconds to respond to an anonymous poll.  You can choose as many options as apply.  In other words, you are not limited to just one choice.

And after you've taken the poll, I'd really appreciate it if you might consider taking the time to e-mail my blog's URL to any friends or colleagues that you think might be interested in my blog.  It'd be nice to increase my readership even more.

PLEASE NOTE:  This is a new poll.  I tried to tweak the old poll and accidentally erased a number of replies, so I deleted it.  If you voted in the old poll, please, please vote again.  I apologise for the inconvenience!

What types of posts interest you the most?
Legal definitions
US Supreme Court issues and case summaries
NY Civil procedure cases and updates
Labor s. 240/1 case summaries
Insurance defense issues
Civil rights issues
Criminal law issues and case summaries
Personal injury case summaries
Federal procedure updates
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