UPDATE: New NY 60 Day Motion Rule
Judge Rules Government Can Collect Cell Phone Tower Data

Define that term #3

Yesterday's term, uxor, is defined as:  

uxor n. Latin for "wife." In deeds and documents the term "et ux." is sometimes used to mean "and wife," stemming from a time when a wife was a mere legal appendage of a man and not worthy of being named.

Today's word is: 

a fortiori. 

Tune in tomorrow to see if its definition is less archaic than that of uxor.


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The Happy Feminist

This feature is great and feeds right into the competitiveness, ego, and love of words that makes many of us lawyers who we are! I would just like to note for the record that I got "uxor" correct before I saw the definition . . . I'm glad to know that five years of Latin was good for something.

A fortiori is confusing me though. I think it means something like "from the strongest" or "stronger." So maybe it refers to the idea that the stronger argument will prevail.

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