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Where Was the Writing on the Wall?

Define That Term #21

Yesterday's term was champerty , which is defined as: 

n. an agreement between the party suing in a lawsuit (plaintiff) and another person, usually an attorney, who agrees to finance and carry the lawsuit in return for a percentage of the recovery (money won and paid). In common law this was illegal on the theory that it encouraged lawsuits. Today it is legal and often part of a "contingent fee" agreement between lawyer and client. It is not the same as barratry, which is active encouragement of lawsuits. See also: barratry contingent fee.

Both Slickdpdx and Joltbklyn were close.  Based upon their comments, I italicized the portion of the definition regarding the term "barratry."

Today's term is:

nisi prius.

Hop to it, my Latin-scholar-readers.  Everyone else is welcome to guess as well, but as always, no dictionaries.


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prior order?

italian electric car?


The sorbet course that comes between the salad and the entree at French restaurants.


The main character in the sci fi novel I will eventually write that will allow me to quit my legal career.
my officemate thinks it has something to do with efficiency.


Trial of issue before one judge and one jury

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