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New Rules for the US Court of Appeals, 2d Circuit

Effective December 1, 2005, the US Court of Appeals for the 2d Circuit has adopted Local Rules 25 and Rule 32(a)(1).  Also, please note the changes to the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure described in a previous post.

The new rules can be found here

Rule 32(a)(1) requires 1) that all parties in counseled cases submit a digital brief as a pdf e-mail attachment in addition to submitting 10 hard copies of the brief, 2) that counsel certify that the document has been scanned for viruses and that none were detected and a copy of the certification should be attached to both the pdf brief and the paper brief, and 3) if you're unable to comply with the digital brief requirement because it is impractical or presents an undue hardship, you are required to submit a certification outlying your reasons for failing to submit the digital brief.   

Rule 25 requires that litigants submit an unbound copy of any paper document filed with the Court.

Additional information and sample forms can be found here.


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