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Good Reads

I'm back in town, and as promised (albeit a day late), I have recommendations for you from my blogroll.

For those of you who practice in New York, here are some staples:

New York Civil Law, a informative blog that focuses on New York civil issues, including appellate issues, civil procedure, insurance coverage and defense.  I will occasionally cross-reference posts from that blog that might be of interest to my readers.

Indignant Indigent is the blog for the criminal defense practitioner in the Fourth Department.  Eric summarizes relevant decisions handed down by the Court of Appeals and the Fourth Department, and then provides very insightful analysis regarding the likely impact of the decisions.

Second Circuit Blog consists of case summaries and commentary from members of the Federal Public Defender's Office in NYC.

The following are blogs in which lawyers muse about their lives, politics and other issues of interest:

Knownunknowns is a blog maintained by three lawyers that consists of commentary on political issues and unusual news items.

The Happy Feminist is a blog authored by a litigator that consists of commentary on feminist issues, social issues, and musings regarding her life and our society.

Crib Ceiling, a blog in which an attorney, now SAHM, muses about her daily life.

Legal Mystenigmary is a blog written by an associate in a firm.  She posts about her life and struggles as a single woman entrenched in the sometimes monotonous practice of civil law.

Finally, for a change of pace and a good laugh, Dave Barry's Blog should be a daily fix.


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