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Update-Muslim Border Decision And Blogrolling

The judge issued a ruling in the case that I posted about previously in which the NYCLU sought an injunction to prevent the Department of Homeland Security from detaining American citizens at the border upon their return from an Islamic religious convention in Toronto.  The judge refused to prohibit the searches. In his opinion, he stated that:

Plaintiffs were delayed for an extended period of time and subjected to unexplained inspection techniques that were inconvenient and made them feel uncomfortable...The government readily admits that plaintiffs' experience at the border was not ideal ... As unfortunate as this incident may have been, I find that it was not unconstitutional.

The NYCLU plans to appeal the judge's ruling.

Also, thanks to the following blogs for adding a permanent link to Sui Generis to their blogrolls within the past week:

New York Civil Law, Indignant Indigent, The Happy Feminist, and Objective Justice

Sui Generis was also recently added to the directory at Blawg and is currently a featured feed.

I'll be out of town for the holidays, and won't be adding any substantive posts until late Sunday or early Monday.  I do plan to devote a post over the weekend to blogs that I enjoy and would recommend to lawyers and non-lawyers alike.

Finally, next week I'll be addressing the Court of Appeal's recent decision, People v. Suarez, along with many of the Fourth Departments cases that were decided today.

Enjoy the holidays!


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