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Alito round up

Here's a round up of information available online regarding the divisive Supreme Court nominee, Judge Samuel Alito.

The following are links to in-depth analysis of Judge Alito's decisions on a variety of legal issues:

  • From First Amendment Center's web site, an online symposium on Alito's First Amendment decisions
  • From the Reporter's Committee for the Freedom of the Press web site, Alito's record on free press issues
  • Two articles on Alito's judicial stance on criminal issues, one from the Star Ledger and one from the National Law Journal
  • A summary of high profile cases with majority opinions and dissents from Findlaw

A summary of everything Alito-related, minus the kitchen sink, from the University of Michigan Law Library can be found here.

And, all of his published opinions are available here at askSam in a searchable format.


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