The status of my cloud computing for lawyers book

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People have been asking me when my book about cloud computing for lawyers, which will be published by the American Bar Association, will be out. So, I figured I'd provide an update on the status.

I'd hoped that it would be published by now, but, as was the case with the book that I co-authored with Carolyn Elefant, Social Media for Lawyers, nothing happens as quickly as you would hope when it comes to getting a book published!

The book is written and we're just tweaking it a bit--deleting a few things, adding others. Peer reviewers have provided their feedback and it's very close to the final draft.

I've also been reviewing proposed covers and have been working with the marketing division to create a marketing plan for the book.

I'm particularly excited about the foreward, which was written by a very well known, world renowned legal technologist--you'll have to wait until the book comes out to learn who it is. I was honored that he agreed to write the foreward and it's a great addition to this book.

So, hopefully, if all goes as planned, the book should be out by the middle of the summer, at the latest. I'm looking forward to it--I hope you are, too!

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Looking for a good book? Look no further.

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Today on Twitter and Facebook I asked my followers to recommend a good book that they'd recently read. I got a ton of replies and thought I'd share them here.

  • @blogdesigner: I recently started re-reading "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill because it adds a fire under my ass to push forward in biz
  • @jesshoffman: When Words Collide - Kessler. Cover to cover...again. Why? Because technology makes my writing lazy & law school makes it dull.
  • @techmanchild: Ken Follett is a manchild. Fall of Giants was and is spectacular.
  • @DannyMJohnson: The Help. I know it's a girl book but I LOVED it! Just started the memoir by Michael Oher from the Blind Side...We'll see
  • @pckaufma: "The Next Level" by @ScottEblin - direct instruction on how to live in the moment while moving into the future as a leader
  • @amy_z: I'd recommend Girls on the Edge -"best book on state of girls and young women in America"
  • @andyarnold: The Moral Landscape by Sam Harris. Presents a rational argument 4 morality--w/out myth. Emphasis on "well-being."
  • @SterlingEdSrv: One of my personal favorites is Pastwatch by Orson Scott Card.
  • Carla Marie Ciampa: OK, I just read "By Nightfall" by Michael Cunningham. Fiction. Interesting book about couple at a ho-hum stage of middle-age, middle income, middle class ho-hum life. (Not "rock your world" good, but moments of true insight.)
  • Stephanie West Allen (@idealawg): The new book "Succeed" by Halvorson is the best book I have read on goal setting.
    The author bases the book on research. Best of all, she recognizes that effective goal setting...
  • Robert Blankenship (@rjblankenship): The Art of De-motivation by E.L. Kersten Ph.D. available from It is an excellent look at our economy and management of a business.
  • Larry Port (@larryport): Best book for me of 2010: The Given Day by Dennis Lehane. 2009: The Big Switch, Nick Carr.
  • Ann Penners Bergen: Henning Mankell: The Fifth Woman - Swedish murder mystery writer, very cozy and very interesting at the same time.
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