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April 27, 2010


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i think the reason women get targeted is because men have given up. i just bought a couple new suits. the whole section is arranged in one depressing spectrum from black to grey to navy blue. if you're lucky, there's some brown at the end.

on the other hand, there are still some professional women out there with the nerve to not look like robots. i say go for it.

why must we be so stodgy? i can be just as respectful or disrespectful in my drone costume as i can in something with some style. or maybe we should bring the powdered wigs back.

Amie Peele Carter

AMEN! Let's focus on what women lawyers - or all lawyers - can DO, not what the women are wearing.

Ruth Carter

Is the female form so distracting that it prevents men from effectively practicing law? If that's really the situation, those men have bigger problems than worrying about what women in the office are wearing.

In every field there's an expected level of decorum. Asking women to wear the fashion equivalent of a potato sack is asking too much. A woman who can dress in a way that is professional and emphasizes her physical assets (whether that's her gorgeous blue eyes, strong shoulders, etc) show that she is thoughtful and confident. It should be applauded, not discouraged.

Antoinette Collignon-Smit Sibinga

I completely agree with Ruth. You should always be aware of what you wear and not lose decorum. A friend of mine is a fashion consultant. She learned me to 'play' with color and outfit. If you want to be trusted, wear a blue suit. If you need to persuade someone wear bright colors or colors that will brighten your eyes and eluminate your skin. I have tried it and it worked.

Fortunately in the Netherlands, where I practice, we have to wear special long black robes with a white colar to court. We therefore don't have particular rules what we can and what we can't wear when in court. We are all black, with no distinction between men and women... except for the shoes.

Nicole Black

Thanks everyone for the insightful comments. Needless to say, I completely agree with the sentiment expressed!

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