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March 08, 2010


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Vickie Pynchon


Thanks so much for featuring my posts on gender bias in ADR and for, frankly, being depressed about the long slow slog of women lawyers toward full representation at the top of the heap. Even my husband (new'ish, he'll get it) says "women leave BigLaw because they don't want to work that hard." Yes, that's right honey. Take the most ambitious, academically successful, hardest working, most aggressive women on the planet and blame women's lack of motivation for the dreadful wage and prestige gap between men and women attorneys in commercial law. Reminds me of the Saturday Night Live skit with Tina Fay and Amy Pollard as Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton, with Pollard saying "that's right, I didn't want it badly enough."

But I came to cheer you UP, not to further depress you. My husband (his feminist education continues) graduated Yale Law in '70 when 10% of his class was female (the Clintons were in the class after his). He'll retire soon, as will many baby boom men who didn't "get it" and never will. I'm pinning my hopes on the next generation after yours - a generation raised by working women, mentored by women in business and women professionals, and, a generation in which the male half not only expects women to work, but expect themselves to share child-rearing and household duties.

Take good cheer in Barbra Streisand handing the Oscar for best direction to Katherine Bigelow last night (for a war film!) with the words "well, it's finally happened."

And thanks for hosting Blawg Review!

Geri L. Dreiling

Niki –

Thanks so much for this post – and for the mention.

Your observation about the legal profession’s glacial pace when it comes to adopting and embracing technology is on point. When I attend functions with PR professionals who work outside of the law, I’m always amazed at how far behind the legal profession is when it comes to technology and social media. Even the most conservative corporations seem to be two or three years ahead.

And yes, I agree that when it comes to law firm leadership as well as technology, women are overlooked and underrepresented.

Geri L. Dreiling

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