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May 10, 2007


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well, that one about the cemetary is sure a catchy tune - I've been humming it all morning ...


I don't know--it really is hard to choose. Each song is special in its own way.


I found your post interesting. The new's title may have been funny, but in actuality it was a cased brought on by a greedy person (the nanny) ,who I treated very well. The case nearly destroyed my family's life.
Happily, I will say that lately, I am working on my new music tracks. We are living well again, and more people than ever know about MANTIK. The music is very well done, and I happen to be proud that fans email me from all over the world. MANTIK was asked to play in European festivals last summer.
Since, I have had to work very hard at healing the damage done by someone who got represented free due to The Urban Justice Center-a liar, a thief, someone totally obsessed with my son etc...I could not afford any more legal help,therefore I had to end the lawsuit. I lost everything, was nearly homeless. Music is my life. The Dominatrix business is theatrical , fun and was a way to support my career. Mainly ,I used this Warrior Woman/Dominatrix concept as a great look and act for my shows.
It all comes out in the wash as they say. People that know me realize that I would never call a nanny a slave. In fact I never call anyone a slave! I am getting movie offers, performance jobs, modeling gigs, and life is getting better. The judge sealed her case, including the settlement. I am sure she took her greedy self back to her own childern that she left behind for ten years to make American dollars. She will always suffer inside ,I am sure.
You should not be so quick to laugh at someone's misfortune. A good lawyer takes the time to check all the facts. It sounds like you just love the juicy thrills that came from reading those heinous headlines. Perhaps you should advocate for legal defense for American citizens who was wrongly accused and suffered because of narrow minded people's view of any involved in the business of S + M. All types of prejudices and atrocities happen to people living in ways that others don't understand. Would you laugh if it was about a Gay person, an African American, or any other so called minority? How about a practioner of Earth Magic losing her Children...would you laugh?
Scarlet LeMay AKA Mz. Athenais

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