Fourth Department Addresses Statute of Limitations Issue
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Comedic Break

For today's comedic break, I highly recommend that you read this post from Evan Schaeffer's Legal Underground:  How I Became A Famous Weblogger and Achieved Rock Star Status as a Lawyer.   

I think that these are my favorite parts of this post:

The clerks at the federal appellate courts understand all this, at least when it comes to lawyers with rock star status. So do the judges. They’re hip to the whole weblogging thing. They know what it means to be a weblogging rock star. They know that if my eyes are red from partying the night before and I decide to keep my sunglasses on when I start my argument, it’s just me being me. They understand that right after I get started, I might decide to take a little break and sit back down at counsel table for a Snickers bar. The judges even understand that in the presence of a rock star, their questions are all pretty much meaningless. “What about the defendant’s argument about pendent jurisdiction?” they might ask. I love that sort of softball question. I’ll chew a little, swallow. “Beats me,” I’ll say. If it’s a lady judge, I just might give her a wink...

Some say I’m nothing but a lawyer with too much free time and a computer on the eleventh floor of an office building—that I don’t even post from underground, in other words.

I never fail to laugh out loud at his humorous posts.  Maybe you will too.


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