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April 19, 2006


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Isn't identifying criminals a powerful way of preventing crimes? (Both by locking up perps and by deterring them.) To say that a crime on tape wasn't prevented seems kind of tautological.

Only a determined pessimist could cast the success of the cameras in helping to identify and set the time line and uncover the conspiracy of the bombers in London as a failure.


Why Slick--Are you calling me a "determined pessimist"? Well, I never!

And, I'm by no means suggesting that the cameras don't serve a purpose. But when you balance it against our consitutional rights, our rights win, in my book. In other words, it's just not worth it.


No I was calling the Post writer a determined pessismist. It was a nice phrase though, wasn't it?

I think there is some reasonable ground here between privacy alarmism and government overreaching. How are the cameras different (in the privacy sense) than having a bunch of cops walking around looking at everybody? Where the cameras are placed seems to be far more important than whether there are cameras at all.
Also, a problem on a really bad block is that regular citizens are terrified: not of the government, but of the local thugs, and aren't willing to act as witnesses. (I'm not saying they don't have beefs with the government too, but they're not afraid of the government the same way.)

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