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Define That Term #94

Yesterday's term was collusive action, which is defined as:

n. a lawsuit brought by parties pretending to be adversaries in order to obtain by subterfuge an advisory opinion or precedent-setting decision from the court. If a judge determines the action does not involve a true controversy he/she will dismiss it. See also: collusion controversy precedent advisory opinion.

Slickdpdx got it right!

Today's term is:

holographic will.

No dictionaries allowed.  Good luck!


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Damin J. Toell, Esq.

IIRC, a holographic will is a will that does not conform to the technical testamentary standards of the state, but is nevertheless considered by the state to function as a "real" will.

And if I recall further correctly, New York does not recognize holographic wills in any situation.


I think holographic wills are unwitnessed but written in the hand of the testator, so some jurisdictions allow them as kind of self-authenticating.

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