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March 01, 2006


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"This is not a subjective determination..."

Am I the only one who finds this comment to be a bit odd? Isn't all art subjective? Is it now the case that only those works where the artist has a "general reputation" as an artist in whatever "community" is to be deemed worthy to crate art? Or those where the right "creatrive process" was used? And what exactly is the "relevant artistic community"? If I am an unknown artist struggling to get to the top I'd be troubled by this decision.


I'm with Eddie. Art is art, and all that. But how would you know that art is art for arts sake and not for profit, or some other non-artistic purpose?*

For instance, what if the artist reproduced and the sold the photograph as postcards, calendars, books, etc. for personal profit. Should that have any effect on the Court's reasoning?

*Like the time DJ, my college roommate hung the infamous nude photos of Vanessa Williams all over the walls on his side of the dorm room. Since they were black and white, he called them "art."

Nicole Black

That struck me as strange as well. Seems pretty subjective to me. For instance, the black and white nudes of Vanessa Williams--in my mind--not art.

And, as an aside, what was DJ thinking, wdegraw? I doubt that that "art" was all that popular with the women to whom he actually had access. Not a smooth move for a guy in college, in my opinion.


The idea that profit is inimical to art is bogus.


Hopefully, tomorrow's "Define that Term" word will be inimical, I can figure out whether Slick is with my or agin me.

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