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March 20, 2006


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I had an armed robbery at an upscale grocery store in which only one witness could ID. While that witness was on the stand at trial, the defense marched the defendant's identical twin into the courtroom. It was intense.
We also had a single fingerpint match. I had to call an expert to establish that the twins' fingerprints were not the same!


I had a serial rapist identified by only DNA (for 15 rapes) that he had an identical twin brother. (This was after the ME testified on the People's case that identical twins have the same DNA).

On cross examination he admitted that they weren't really identical twins because they had different fathers and the other guy was several years older. Nevertheless, they were "really close," so he considered them twins anyway.

The "twin's" name (which he also made up): Butch

What a maroon! Eligible for Parole in 2454.



Why not? That was Floyd admitting what he did the guard and the gaurd is holding the credit card with the name "Claude Allen" on it because Floyd obtained it in his brother's name because Floyd cannot get one in his own name due to his bankruptcy in 2001.

Floyd's a real piece of work ...!


For those wondering about the identical twins question: prints are a product of environment, not genes. I guess, like post-conception injuries and so on, they are one reliable way to tell the difference. Wacky!

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